Art, Music & Stories

My friend Patrick is a pretty cool guy.
I say he knows everything! Ha ha but if he doesn’t.. he knows SOMETHING about everything!
I met him in the same way I have met many folks .. in my art studio. We both have an appreciation for art, music and stories! I wish I knew half of the interesting facts about people and their history. Their life stories. But then again I’m glad I don’t. Because I hear them and they are all new to me! 😀

Pat has been illustrating a longstanding series. A cartoon I might say. It’s amazing. Characters and storyline aside for a minute, what about the fact that they are all drawn freehand from Pats mind & memories?! And how about this fact… He’s written about and developed these characters for 15 years! All for the love of it.

He also enjoys something called “mindscapes” where he listens to a musical piece and does quick illustrations of what he hears, what the song represents to him. He recently completed one based on Bob Dylan’s songs;

Gates of Eden
Tombstone blues
Ballad of a thin man
Maggie’s farm
It’s alright Ma, I’m only bleeding

It hangs now at the commons creperie.
Thank you Martin and Jenny🤗
I can look at it from my favourite table while I eat my favourite crepe😋

We talked about how not everyone understands art in the same way. But we don’t have to.

Pat has very unique and special talents where art and the written word are concerned.
And I, for one, am glad I got to experience them!

If you visit the creperie, have a look at Bob Dylan! If you are familiar with the music, you’ll appreciate the very cool freehand sketches.


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