A Mother Daughter Duo.

One a creative artist | One an enthusiastic marketer

Merging their love for the world of art.. 
and each other! 

More About Us

A little bit about us.. where to start.. 

You can usually find us with a smile on our faces, having a good laugh. We love laughter and we love love. We think the two combined could probably save the world. If we'd all just spend a little more time focusing on the small, precious moments of life.. like what makes your belly hurt from laughing. 

 From a young age we've always shared such an inseparable bond. Sometimes it feels like we may even be best friends first, mother and daughter second and we wouldn't change a thing!

A few of our favourite things would include:

 Rain - Driving in it, dancing in it or just opening the window wide to listen to the calming sounds of the rain drops and the clarity it brings with it.

Binge Watching Cooking Shows - Our guilty pleasure! You can always find us with the food network on! Lana watches, while Logan is always trying to bring new skills to the kitchen afterwards.

Spontaneous Road Trips - Comfy clothes, good snacks, a great oldies playlist.. and a map to nowhere - Lets do it! 

We could go on but we'll save that for another day.. or blog post!

For now.. let's get back to the ART! Afterall, it's why we're here :)

I have nature and art and poetry, and if that is not enough, what is enough?

Vincent Van Gogh