Colour Palettes & Colour Mixing

Palettes and colour mixing .. It’s a fascinating thing! There have been hundreds, maybe thousands of books written on the topic.

I started to draw a lot at a very young age and started painting 25 years ago.
In the beginning I scoured through these books and read every magazine or article I could get my hands on. The more I read the more confused I became in some ways. There are primary, secondary, tertiary… complementary palettes… split complementary, analogous palettes. We can learn about hues, values, saturation and more! 

And while all so fascinating.. In the end, I think I threw everything I knew about colour mixing out the window! I think I simply started doing what "felt right". Don’t get me wrong .. a painting can definitely go in a pretty bad direction completely based on colour! But hey! It’s not the end of the world ( although it can feel like it sometimes haha! ) We can recover, rethink and rework! And learn along the way!

I like to decide on a colour scheme and try to stay with it for several paintings before I move on to another. Sometimes it works out and sometimes, going back to the books for reference is still a good back up plan! I guess my point is, sometimes we can over analyze and agonize over something for a long time but there comes a time where we just have to trust our intuition and take a leap! Maybe we'll make some mistakes along the way but we can always adjust and correct! Especially in the world of colour. Sometimes they even turn into beautiful mistakes.

Logan had a look at my palette one day at the end of a painting session.
She decided for her own interest she would take each colour and search out the colour code!  She's always loved colour palettes and codes.   I'm not sure where this really came from or started! She often references her time in fashion school and interest in researching pantone's colour of the year, the trend forecasting and the psychology behind colour. She seems to like the thought process behind why we're drawn to certain colours and what influences trends and decisions like this. 🙂

I thought it was brilliant! Not only is it neat to look at but it also makes it very interesting in relation to home decor and matching other things to my art! 

Logg was taken with my paper palette and what she felt was abstract art on its own! It is now signed and framed at home ! Were going to keep this collection as a keepsake of past works.  What a cool wall they will make someday ! 

Talk soon ! 
Lana 🌿

“Walk freely through the world with your heart wide open “ 🍃


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