Similar But Different

I got to thinking about how it takes all types of people to make the world go round..

For example there are certain subjects I don’t like to ponder. ( although I do, more often than I would like to!)
The dark things In life. The injustice. The abuse and wrong doings. I mean somebody HAS to think about the human condition and help us face it. My friend is in law enforcement and she has seen it all! We NEED people like her who will delve into the harsh, grim realities that exist. And thank goodness for them!

There are also those in the arts who like to explore those dark or controversial areas. The resulting art can sometimes feel unpleasant. But it’s also a necessary form of expression. It may be the artist's way of coping. I don’t know. Perhaps they want to bring awareness and help shed light. They may have strong feelings they want to share.

When I visit a studio or gallery, it’s always the colour, the texture or brushstroke that draws me in. Almost even more than the subject. Having said that. I generally wouldn’t choose a piece of art that implied dark history or political views etc. That’s just not my preference, but I certainly see it's importance.

I enjoy creating uplifting pieces. I also prefer the uplifting work of others.
I have this joy that I can almost always readily tap into. It’s in the littlest things. It could be a scent, a song, a memory. A change in the weather, making my heart skip a beat.

I’m happy that it creeps up when it does. Unexpectedly. It makes me sigh or take a deep breath of gratitude. This is the feeling I like to convey in my art . It leans far towards the light hearted …the common threads among us. The relatable. The joyful and even the seemingly mundane …. The amazingly simple.

Every artist is different and every brush stroke is their own .
Just like every person is unique, down to the tiniest detail. 
And that my friends..
Is what I think makes the world go round. 
“ Share our similarities, celebrate our differences “  ~ M. Scott Peck

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  • Carole Dzelme

    And that, is what I like about your Art..

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