Stories From The Beginning

I should officially introduce Logan. 💛 
My daughter, best friend, confidant, partner in crime.

All of Logan’s young life was surrounded with Art. She’s been my sidekick since day one. We spent hours watching decorating shows like "divine design" and "colour confidential", visiting art galleries and setting up for street shows.

When Loggie was starting school, I decided to take a leave from work and open a "before and after" school program in my home . I also began a program at the school called “bookmark mondays”. Logan was right there to add the beads to the bookmarks, help me pack them and deliver. ( We’ve been thinking we’ll be bringing the bookmarks back.. to the shop, soon🤗)

We have a funny memory that makes us laugh out loud when we recall it!
Not every show, sale, event worked out as planned in the beginning. ( you’ve got to have broad shoulders starting out in art!! )
I had what I thought was a great idea! I had a painting that I made into a print for an event at a high school. Loggie and I were so excited!! I printed A LOT of these prints and we headed off to the event .. certain it would be an exciting busy night ! Well... it was! For all the students at that school. But they were so busy celebrating and congratulating each other, barely a single one came over to our little table in the corner. At the end of the night we packed up our things, having sold ONE print and walked to the car. It was dark out by then. We drove down the road in silence. I think we both felt like crying! We were disappointed after all the preparation. But instead, in true Logan & Lana style, we looked at each other and we laughed and laughed and laughed!!! All. the. Way. Home. 
Those types of “fails” make for great memories!! Haha!


She attended fashion college and graduated from marketing.
Over the years Logan has developed a keen eye for colour, composition, design & fashion and basically understands all the elements it takes to make things aesthetically pleasing. It's why I trust her eye so much.. and I trust her opinions 99.99% of the time!! 😉😃

I love the new website she developed for me. She will continue to share her talents.. mostly behind the scenes. But you will see her on our road trips, and in certain product launches, capturing moments through photography and videography.

Loggie prefers abstract art and fashion drawings most of the time, so hopefully we’ll enjoy some of her art down the road too!

I’m extremely lucky to have had a baby girl who grew up to be such a great person and friend. And who never (or rarely!) tires of talking all things ART ! 🎨🖌

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  • Jane Ross

    Love the stories, you and Logan bring such a fresh breath of air to simple things in life and make one grateful for each day and appreciate the little things in life that create such great memories, enjoy your time with Logan, you make an amazing team, keep up the great work, hugs 😊

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