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Old interviews. Same opinions

In many ways not much has changed for me. This interview and article was featured in HERE magazine. I can’t remember the precise date. But it was at least 10 years ago that the exhibit was held at the Imperial. I still love capturing our city. My fondest dream is still to revitalize the F. W. Woolworths building on Charlotte and King. That dream sadly has all but vanished with the demolition of my favourite building. Saint John has bloomed and blossomed in a lot of wonderful ways since this article though. The vibe in the uptown continues to change in a new and exciting direction with new shops, restaurants and patios. It was fun to come across this old...

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Colour Palettes & Colour Mixing

Palettes and colour mixing .. It’s a fascinating thing! There have been hundreds, maybe thousands of books written on the topic. I started to draw a lot at a very young age and started painting 25 years ago. In the beginning I scoured through these books and read every magazine or article I could get my hands on. The more I read the more confused I became in some ways. There are primary, secondary, tertiary… complementary palettes… split complementary, analogous palettes. We can learn about hues, values, saturation and more!  And while all so fascinating.. In the end, I think I threw everything I knew about colour mixing out the window! I think I simply started doing what "felt right"....

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